Group Strategy

The ultimate goal of Melstacorp PLC is to further the progression of human living by ensuring our products and services offer the best in terms of affordability, quality and choice to clients, customers and consumers. The Group’s strategy to achieve this substantial goal is as follows:

  • Always striving to achieve greater efficiencies and operational excellence with the aim to enhance the value of all our businesses
  • Focusing on strengthening our brands by improving product visibility and targeting areas with room for growth
  • Seeking strategic opportunities, acquisition and otherwise, to position our businesses such that we contribute our best to the country’s economic growth and overall development
  • Expanding our customer base by identifying synergies across our various businesses and thereby creating an even broader distribution network for our products
  • Further enhancing our market position by introducing new products and services as well as making strategic investments that develop existing businesses
  • Developing strategic partnerships with global industry leaders which will provide marketing and expansion opportunities