Accolades for the DCSL Group are so common that we take them in our stride. We are committed to relentlessly pursue excellence in all we do. Our own objectives are to provide excellent services, do our best for the overall well being of society and produce results that go beyond the expectations of shareholders. 

DCSL makes it to Forbes Asia’s ‘200 Best Under a Billion’ for the third year. 

Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC was ranked amongst the 200 Asia’s Best Under a Billion for the third time in 2008 by the Forbes Asia. This places DCSL among the more successful smaller public companies in Asia and the Pacific. It must be mentioned that this list is compiled after evaluating over 24,000 small and medium publicly listed enterprises with sales under US$1 billion in Asia and the Pacific, including Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Only companies that record consistent growth in both sales and profits over three years and five-year returns on capital of at least 5 per cent were considered. The calculations were based on the weighted results of growth rate, return on equity rate and profitability of the enterprises. 

DCSL among Business Today Top Ten for 11 years 
DCSL’s status as a business leader in Sri Lanka is perhaps well captured by the fact that the Group has been constantly ranked among the top ten businesses by the widely respected monthly business magazine, Business Today. In 2008, DCSL was ranked No. 03 by Business Today. 

DCSL among the ‘LMD 50’
Another indicator of performance, stability and overall corporate excellence is the annual ‘Top 50’ announced by the Lanka Monthly Digest (LMD). DCSL has constantly been ranked among the top ten of this list. In 2007/08, DCSL was ranked No. 4 by the LMD and 13 in 2008/09. 

Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka was awarded Super Brands status in 2007. Superbrands represent quality, reliability, distinction, reputation and prestige. The definition of a Superbrand is that it should have established the finest reputation in its field and offer consumers / customers an emotional and/or tangible benefit over competitors, which (consciously or sub-consciously) consumers/ customers want, recognise and are confident about investing in.