The origins of the Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka can be traced back to 1913 when the Excise Department of Ceylon ventured into manufacturing liquor products. In 1974 the State Distilleries Corporation was established to take over liquor manufacturing activities before being converted to a limited liability company in 1989 and birthing the Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka Limited. The company was sold to the highest bidder on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in 1992, marking the largest transaction in the history of the CSE at that time.

The new private management began an era of modernization that saw DCSL equipped with top of the line facilities and processes and large investments in research and development that led to its continuing to retain market leader position even as competition increases in number and intensity. DCSL’s state-of-the-art fully automated blending and bottling plants and pot and patent distillation units are strategically located in Seeduwa, Kalutara, Kandy and Badulla whilst large fleet of vehicles coupled with upgraded storage facilities ensure that the distribution network is truly island wide. Employees attend regular training in the best international practices in France, Scotland and Ireland.

Sri Lanka’s unique coconut arrack is one of the purest, naturally derived alcoholic beverages in the world and reigns as the alcohol beverage of choice in the country. DCSL remains the only company in Sri Lanka producing 100% natural coconut arrack using 100% pure coconut toddy distilled at its own distilleries, providing consumers with a 100% natural product. Its exclusive portfolio of coconut based alcohol products, including its flagship Extra Special Arrack, is made available at licensed restaurants, supermarkets, clubs and the hospitality industry.


Periceyl was incorporated in 1996 as a joint venture between the Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka and Pernod Ricard of France. Pericyl distributed both locally produced as well as imported foreign liquors and arracks using DCSL’s extensive island wide distributor network, including to the hospitality industry, clubs, licensed retailers and supermarkets. In 2007, Periceyl became a fully owned subsidiary of DCSL.

Periceyl’s flagship brands are Black Opal premium arrack, Franklin brandy, Galerie Napoleon brandy, House of Tilbury whisky, Tillsider whisky, Flinton gin, Balmora run, Petroff vodka and mango, apple, lemon and passion fruit arracks.

The company also markets and distributes world renowned wines such as Albert Bichot, Terra Andina, Los Cardos, Cape Dreams, Riverby Estate Premium and Somerton from France, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Agavita tequila and 1875 Napoleon brandy are some of the renowned spirits marketed and distributed by Periceyl.